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IICSA published its final Report in October 2022. This website was last updated in January 2023.

Criteria for Selection of Investigations

The Panel selected ituations suitable for investigation which fell within two categories:

a) institution­ specific, involving inquiries into particular institutions or type of institution;

b) thematic, concerning a series of broad areas where multiple institutions may play a role in protecting children from abuse.

In selecting situations suitable for investigation, the Panel applied the following criteria: (a) the situation appeared to the panel to involve credible allegations of child sexual abuse in an institutional setting, or by a person who has exploited an official position in order to perpetrate child sexual abuse; (b) institution(s) appeared to the panel, on credible evidence to have facilitated or failed to prevent child sexual abuse, whether through an act, policy or omission; or (c) institution(s) or a person acting in an official capacity, appeared to have failed to respond appropriately to allegations of child sexual abuse.

The panel selected situations which (a) appeared to it to be typical of a pattern of child sexual abuse occurring in the sector or context involved; (b) appeared to be practically capable of detailed examination through oral and written evidence; (c) appeared to involve no significant risk to the fairness and effectiveness of any ongoing police investigation or prosecution; (d) appeared likely to result in currently relevant conclusions and/or recommendations. The panel also had to regard to the need to ensure that the selection of situations for examination takes account of the needs of particularly vulnerable children and those from socially excluded or minority groups.


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