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Inquiry offers victims and survivors of child sexual abuse the choice to share experiences via video

1 July 2020

Survivors of child sexual abuse will now be able to share their accounts via video with the Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

At the Truth Project, survivors of child sexual abuse can share their experiences with the Inquiry, and put forward suggestions for change to keep children safe in future. So far, almost 5,000 people have shared their accounts with the Truth Project.

In addition to the options to share with the Truth Project in writing or over the telephone, participants are now able to take part in a private video session, and share their experience by video call. 

Video calls provide the option of sharing an experience remotely, safely and securely using the Google Meet app. Accounts shared by video call are treated in exactly the same way as if they were shared in person. 

Deaf or hard of hearing victims and survivors can also share an experience by video call, via lip reading or signing. 

All participants who choose to engage with the Truth Project will be offered a dedicated support worker to answer any questions or concerns they might have, help them to prepare before sharing an experience, and offer support for a period of time afterwards. 

You can find out more about sharing your experience by visiting the Truth Project website. 

Marcia Samuels, a facilitator at the Truth Project said:

“As a facilitator for the Truth Project, I want to reassure victims and survivors thinking about sharing their experiences that the Inquiry is committed to hearing from them. The launch of video calls means that survivors can take part in a private session in the comfort of their own space, ensuring they can share in a safe and secure way.”

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