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Our Legacy

Thank you

Bench on a hill.

Your voices will still be heard

Through our legacy project, we want to pay tribute to all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and ensure their voices continue to be heard, so that children may be better protected in the future.

We are placing more than 150 memorial benches across England and Wales, bearing messages of hope and encouragement from victims and survivors.

Every experience counts

Thousands of victims and survivors shared their experiences of child sexual abuse with the Inquiry's Truth Project. One in 10 of those who took part were giving their account for the first time.

Every person who came forward made a vital contribution to the work of the Inquiry, enabling us to improve understanding of child sexual abuse and its impact on victims and survivors. And by speaking out, they gave a voice to all the victims and survivors of child abuse who have not been heard.

Two women engaged in conversation.

Our legacy for victims and survivors

I would urge anyone who experienced sexual abuse as a child to come forward and share. It's a life changer. I thought I was doing it for others, but now I know it was for me too.

The Inquiry's Legacy Project was designed in consultation with victims and survivors, many of whom told us they would like there to be a physical tribute for people to visit.

Rather than confine this to a monument in one or two major cities, memorial benches have been placed across England and Wales. This reflects the widespread engagement with the Inquiry by victims and survivors from all areas of both countries.

To ensure their voices are still heard after the Inquiry has concluded, the benches bear messages of hope and encouragement from victims and survivors. They also display details of our legacy website so visitors and passers-by can find out about the Inquiry and its work to help protect children. And in response to what victims and survivors told us was important to them, the website will provide information on how to access support services.

The sexual abuse of children, and its terrible consequences, have been hidden for too long. Many people told us that open conversations around child sexual abuse are essential to drive positive change.

We hope that by conveying their messages to a wide audience, for many years to come, we can help fulfil this aim.

Two men engaged in conversation.

Survivors' voices

Victims and survivors who shared their experiences made a vital contribution to our work. Read more about their input and engagement with the Inquiry.

You can also download our Legacy toolkit, which contains information on how you can help support the project

Help and support

Find more information about the work of the Inquiry, and how to access support

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