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IICSA published its final Report in October 2022. This website was last updated in January 2023.

Inquiry Quarterly Statistics

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has now published statistics which provide an update on the Inquiry's three core projects - the Truth Project, investigations and public hearings, and research.

The statistical reports are published on a quarterly basis.

Statistics: April, May and June 2020

Download the statistics for this quarter:

Download (PDF 192.4 KB) IICSA Quarterly Statistics April - June 2020

Victims and survivors' engagement with the Inquiry

Download the statistics for this quarter:

Download (PDF 107.43 KB) Q4 2017 - Q4 2020

Truth Project

The Inquiry's Truth Project focused on providing the opportunity for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences of abuse. It came to a close in October 2021 so that accounts shared could help to inform the Inquiry's Final Report. Here are the final figures for the Truth Project.

Expressions of interest
up by264 this quarter
Truth sessions attended
up by233 this quarter
Written accounts received
up by62 this quarter
Total accounts received
up by295 this quarter

Getting in touch with the Inquiry

People get in touch with the Inquiry for a variety of reasons; for example, to ask questions, provide information to the investigations or express an interest in taking part in the Truth Project when it was open. These charts show the amount of correspondence received by the Inquiry each month by method of communication.

Total correspondents
Up by 376 this quarter

*Phone refers to the number of relevant calls received by our Inquiry Information Line. Likewise, email covers the main contact email addresses for getting in touch with the Inquiry. There is a possibility of duplication with correspondents.

Webforms provided a way to express an interest in sharing with the Truth Project. Webforms closed on 20 October 2021 before the Truth Project concluded later that month.

Pieces of correspondence

Investigations and Public Hearings

The Inquiry is conducting 15 investigations into institutional failure to protect children from sexual abuse.

total pages of evidence

to date have been received and processed by the Inquiry.

191,847 documents in total have been received by the Inquiry
Up by 78,955 this quarter

of public and premlinary hearings completed


of public and preliminary hearings planned.
*All public hearings have finished. The last public hearing was held in December 2020.


have given evidence to the Inquiry, including core participants


published, the Interim Report was laid in Parliament in April 2018


Research and Seminars

The Research team brings together, in one place, what is already known about child sexual abuse and finds the gaps in our knowledge. The team supports the Inquiry to ask the right questions of the Institutions it is investigating. It also carries out new research and is responsible for analysing the information the Inquiry receives through the Truth Project.

1,489Research and Seminars Reports reviewed
Ongoing research projects
  • Truth Project analysis
  • Safeguarding in residential schools
  • Support services for victims and survivors
  • CSA in ethnic minority communities
Research reports published
5 added this quarter

The research reports include Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs) to establish what is already known and primary research reports to fill specific knowledge gaps.

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