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IICSA published its final Report in October 2022. This website was last updated in January 2023.

Engagement with victims and survivors - reports

These reports are used by the Chair and Panel to help inform findings and shape recommendations to better protect children in future.

Following discussions with members of the Victims and Survivors’ Forum, summary reports have been published to share what we have heard and to demonstrate the impacts of child sexual abuse.

The Inquiry’s Chair and Panel have also commissioned three special projects designed to gain a deeper and more diverse understanding of child sexual abuse across England and Wales. These reports are based on discussions with victims and survivors and with a range of professionals and organisations.

Victims and Survivors’ Forum

The Inquiry’s Forum consists of more than 1,500 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse from across England and Wales. The Forum, which is open to all victims and survivors, has provided an opportunity to contribute to the Inquiry’s research and policy work through online and face-to-face events.

A report describing what we heard from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning + (LGBTQ+) victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

May 2022

A report considering how children should be better protected by listening to the present-day experiences of young victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

June 2021

A thematic study into the barriers faced by victims and survivors from ethnic minority communities when disclosing experiences of child sexual abuse.

April 2021

Forum members shared how their protected characteristics - as defined by the Equality Act 2010 - impacted the abuse they suffered and how they were supported.

February 2021

Forum members shared their views and their experiences of various forms of redress, including financial compensation, apologies and support. 

October 2020

Records kept by institutions, such as children’s homes, hospitals and schools, can contain vital information for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Forum members shared their experiences of accessing records and the impact this had on them.

March 2020

Forum members gave us their views on why society should talk more openly and frankly about child sexual abuse, as well as what could encourage change.

November 2019

Victims and survivors shared their experiences of interacting with the police, solicitors and the courts. This work looked at the level of service that Forum members experienced when navigating the criminal justice system.

May 2019

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