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Truth Project

The Truth Project has now concluded. We are no longer accepting experiences of child sexual abuse. See our latest news item for more information.

For six years, the Truth Project provided victims and survivors of child sexual abuse with a safe and supportive opportunity to share their experiences with the Inquiry and put forward suggestions for change.

Every account shared has provided a vital contribution to the Inquiry, enabling us to build a clearer understanding of the extent of child sexual sexual abuse and its impact on victims and survivors. The experiences and views of victims and survivors have also helped to inform the Inquiry’s final recommendations. 

We understand it is a major and very personal decision to share an experience of child sexual abuse. The Truth Project was designed with this in mind, ensuring the needs and wellbeing of victims and survivors were at the heart of all its work. As with all the Inquiry’s engagement with victims and survivors, our trauma-informed approach helped to ensure that those who came forward to share their experience felt heard in a safe and supportive environment, in a way they chose to suit them best.

Truth Project data

Statistical reports are published every quarter, using data gathered from Truth Project experiences shared.

Truth Project reports

You can read our research reports which have been developed using information gathered from experiences shared with the Truth Project.

Survivors' voices

These are some of the experiences of child sexual abuse shared with the Truth Project by victims and survivors.

Experiences Shared - Anonymous

Help and support

If you need additional support, visit this page for signposting to services on offer.

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