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Victims & survivors

The experiences of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse are at the heart of the Inquiry. Their generous contributions have been fundamental in informing the Inquiry’s work to better protect future generations of children.

Since the Inquiry was established in 2015, thousands of victims and survivors have helped shape the Inquiry’s work by sharing their experiences of child sexual abuse with the Truth Project, providing evidence during investigations, contributing to research and engaging with the Victims and Survivors Forum. 

Their views and experiences have been pivotal in building a clearer picture of the extent of child sexual abuse, its impact on victims and survivors, and what needs to change to help prevent it happening in future. Every contribution matters, and has helped to inform the Inquiry’s recommendations to government and other institutions.


Truth Project

The Truth Project provided victims and survivors of child sexual abuse with a safe and supportive opportunity to share their experiences with the Inquiry.

Survivors’ Voices

Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have shared thousands of experiences with the Truth Project. Please note: some readers may find content distressing.

Experiences Shared - Anonymous

The Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel

The VSCP provides advice to the Inquiry and ensures that the needs and perspectives of victims and survivors are reflected in the Inquiry’s work.

Victim and Survivors Forum

The Forum provides an opportunity for all victims and survivors to engage with the Inquiry and contribute to its work through consultations and events.

Help and support

If you need additional support, visit this page for signposting to services on offer.

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