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IICSA published its final Report in October 2022. This website was last updated in January 2023.

Victims and Survivors' Forum

The Forum was set up in 2016 to ensure that the voices of victims and survivors were at the heart of the Inquiry’s work. It was open to all survivors of child sexual abuse and provided an opportunity to engage with the Inquiry and be heard.

By 2022, over 1700 members across England and Wales from diverse backgrounds joined the Forum to share their experiences and contribute to the Inquiry’s research, engagement and policy work.

Forum contributions

Forum members were offered a variety of ways to engage with the Inquiry, including face-to-face events, webinars, polls and consultations. The trauma informed approach adopted by the Inquiry allowed members to share their thoughts and suggestions in a safe space, without judgement.

The experiences that we heard helped us to better understand the breadth and complexities associated with child sexual abuse. This resulted in the publication of summary reports on topics including accessing records, redress,culture change,  protected characteristics and the criminal justice system, to demonstrate the impacts of abuse.

The Chair and Panel also used this insight to help inform the recommendations in the Inquiry’s concluding Report.

Testimonials from Forum Members

‘The Forum made an incredible difference to my life, it was hugely positive to be heard, talk about what happened and not be judged.’

‘I know that my story and the story of so many others is important, and being able to share it with the Inquiry will help to protect children in the future.’

‘The Forum gave me the opportunity to discuss important issues which relate clearly to me.’

‘Being part of the Forum felt empowering and supportive.’

‘It’s quite unique to talk with other survivors as many of us are isolated. The Forum gave us an opportunity to speak with other people in a safe and comfortable space.’

‘Through the Forum, people have listened and believed me.

‘The Forum helped me to meet other people with similar experiences.’

‘At last I felt that I was not only being listened to, but actually heard.’

‘The Forum gave me a voice that I did not have before, it enabled me to have courage to do something once this Inquiry finishes. This is my time now, I have a community that I did not have before.’

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