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Child protection in religious organisations and settings

  1. .   A thematic investigation into the nature and adequacy of current child protection policies, practices and procedures in religious organisations and settings within England and Wales. This document should be read alongside the accompanying Update Note.
  2. .   The purpose of this investigation is to examine:
    1. .   The management of child protection within religious organisations and/or settings, including;
      1. .   Training, and the understanding of child sexual abuse;
      2. .   Policies and procedures;
      3. .   Vetting and barring and regulated activity as identified in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012;
      4. .   The arrangements in place to respond to allegations of child sexual abuse, including the provision of pastoral support;
      5. .   Internal processes for auditing, inspection or oversight of the child protection practices and procedures.
    2. .   The existing statutory framework for the protection of children from abuse, and its application to religious organisations or settings.
    3. .   The existing framework for auditing, inspection or oversight of the practices and procedures by either state or non state institutions.
    4. .   Whether there needs to be additional and/or different practices, processes or oversight (whether by way of internal oversight or external oversight by a non state or state body) to ensure that children are protected from child sexual abuse within religious organisations or settings.
  3. .   The Inquiry will conduct a public hearing in this investigation at which evidence will be heard about the issues identified above.
  4. .   The Inquiry will publish a report setting out its findings and recommendations to improve child protection and safeguarding in religious organisations and within religious settings in England and Wales.

Child Protection In Religious Organisations And Settings - Definition Of Scope

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