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The Inquiry has a dedicated research function, set up to generate new insight into child sexual abuse.

The research team is here to:

  • bring together in one place what is already known about child sexual abuse and find out the knowledge gaps
  • support the Inquiry to ask the right questions of the institutions it is investigating
  • generate new knowledge about child sexual abuse
  • analyse the information the Inquiry receives through the Truth Project
  • help to ensure the best use of high quality data across the Inquiry

We do this in a range of ways:

  • drawing learning together from existing research
  • organising seminars on key issues
  • conducting secondary analysis of existing datasets
  • undertaking primary research to fill key evidence gaps about child sexual abuse

See our other pages for details of our previous publications and current projects:

Who we are

The research team comprises of social researchers and statisticians who have previously worked across a wide variety of organisations, including government departments, market research organisations, academia and third sector organisations.  

You can contact us at

Ethics and Governance

The Inquiry’s Research Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required and the processes to be followed when undertaking research on behalf of or within the Inquiry.

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Research Publications

The Inquiry has published research reports on a range of subjects. Summary reports, blogs and infographics are also available.

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Research Projects

The Inquiry has a wide ranging research programme, including research relating to the areas covered by the Inquiry’s investigations, as well as projects which have more cross cutting relevance.

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Truth Project Dashboard

The Inquiry has published new research statistics based on accounts shared with the Truth Project.

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