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The research team carries out a range of activities in order to provide high quality research that supports the work of the Inquiry.

This includes includes bringing together existing research on a particular topic, as well as qualitative and quantitative primary research where we collect our own data, for example, by conducting interviews or surveys. Another important part of the research team’s work is analysing the information we gathered as part of the Truth Project.


As part of the research and analysis programme of work, we have held a series of seminars to gain a better understanding of child sexual abuse. 

Truth Project data

The Inquiry publishes research statistics on a quarterly basis based on accounts shared with the Truth Project.

Research reports

Read all the latest reports the research team has published as part of the Inquiry.


The Inquiry’s Research Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required and the processes to be followed when undertaking research on behalf of or within the Inquiry.

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