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IICSA published its final Report in October 2022. This website was last updated in January 2023.


The work of the Inquiry was supported by a high quality research programme. This included bringing together existing research on a particular topic, as well as qualitative and quantitative primary research. Another important part of the research was analysing the information we gathered as part of the Truth Project.

The Inquiry published 24 research reports across four themes below. The research types that have been conducted in each area are:

  • Primary Research (P) - Reports analysing data collected directly and for the purposes of the reports written. 

  • Rapid Evidence Assessments (R) - Reports collating relevant literature on given topic areas surrounding child sexual abuse. 

  • Truth Project Analysis (T) - Reports using data collected from the victims and survivors who came forward to share their experiences with the Truth Project. Five of these reports are specific to particular institutional contexts. 


View our research into: Custodial settings, Schools, Religious settings, Online child sexual abuse, Children's homes and residential care, Sports and Healthcare settings.


View our research into perpetrators of child sexual exploitation convicted alongside others and contemporary case file analysis.


View our research into custodial settings, Ethnic minority communities and Social and political discourse.

Victims and survivors

View our research into support services, Impacts of child sexual abuse, and Truth Project report.

Research reports

Read all the reports the research team published as part of the Inquiry.


As part of the Research and Analysis programme of work, the Inquiry also held a series of seminars.


The Inquiry’s Research Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required and the processes which were followed when undertaking research on behalf of or within the Inquiry.

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