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On this form we will ask you some questions so that we know that your experience is within the Terms of Reference of the Inquiry. You will then be asked to provide one or more ways for us to contact you about how you can get involved in the Truth Project.

Did you experience sexual abuse when you were under 18 years of age?

This form is for people who have experienced child sexual abuse. If you wish to share other information with the Inquiry, you can use our contact us page.
However, if you are completing this form on behalf of someone else or sharing someone else's experience, select 'Yes' and complete the form accordingly.

Did the sexual abuse occur while you were within or under the care of an institution in or connected to England or Wales?
If the sexual abuse did not happen within an institution or while you were in care of an institution - did someone in authority know about the abuse and fail to respond appropriately to it?
Contact details
We hope you will share your experience with the Inquiry. We will contact you by your preferred method to tell you about the Truth Project and how you can get involved. We will need a name and one of the three methods in order to get in contact.
How did you hear about Truth Project?
We’d like to ask you where you heard about Truth Project. It would be really helpful if you would let us know. You don't have to answer this question if you'd prefer not to.
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